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    Terms of Trade

    24 Hour Cleaning services will engage into service with any customers or clients with the acceptance of the Terms of Trade as below:



    1. All prices are exclusive of GST.
    2. The customer must pay by either Cash, Cheque or Direct Credit as per arrangement at the completion of the work required.
    3. Direct Credit payments are due within 7 days of service or before next service for regular clients.
    4. A third party may be involved in collecting over-due accounts when and where necessary.
    5. Customers will be fully responsible to pay for collection and legal fees.



    Quotations will be based on the information provided and the customer will be responsible for the bundle of information provided.  Additional work requested may involve extra charges.

    All quotations will be valid for 14 days.



    Our professional workers will try to maintain to have the lowest level of complaints or conflicts being raised.  All conflicts are personally managed by the owner. All complaints and disputes are followed-up within 24 hours.

    Any conflict or complaints must be reported within 24 hours of work being completed.



    Our professional workers should have accessibility of the premises at the agreed time by both parties.   If any sort of accessibility is denied, travelling fee will be charged.



    Any tools or gear used by 24Hour Cleaning Services remains the property of 24Hour Cleaning Services.



    24Hour Cleaning services keep the potential to have their professionals working in a danger free environment.  24Hour Cleaning services will not be responsible for any consequences arising from any risk or danger from the unavailability of appropriate notice being provided prior to commencement of work/task.

    All customers are required to provide a safe working environment as per the Health and Safety Requirements by the Act.

    Customer Guarantee
    Safety & Security
    Environment Friendly
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